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What You’re Really Saying With Your Book Gift This Season

If the decor spread on Orchard Road isn’t obvious enough, Christmas is coming! It’s all about
the mood, decor, food, and PRESENTS.

Especially when they’re BOOKS.

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Books make the perfect gift because there are just so many to choose from. It can also be made personal with an inscription or a handwritten note slipped in. If you’ve read the book or done your research about the book, it can be the most personal gift someone will ever receive.

Gifting is all fun and jolly, until someone sends the wrong book with the wrong message.

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Oh, yes. Books can have hidden meanings. Even if it were unintentional.

For starters, never send this to your girlfriend’s mum.


Maybe don’t gift anything from Diana Quincy’s Rebellious Brides series .

Thankfully, you don’t have to ruin someone’s Christmas if you send the right message with the
right gift.

Like, giving this book to that friend who’s too afraid to leave their mundane job and pursue their


What with a personal touch, this book packs 27 chapters of inspirational and hilarious stories, advice, and exercises to challenge readers to create a life they want. It’s real, honest and loaded with hard-hitting truths that could change the way your friend lives. It could be the gift that your friend never knew they needed.

What about a gift for the friend with a crazy cat lady girlfriend? If you love your girlfriend, you
can learn to love her cat too.


With an all-access guide that’s too funny not to read on, this book is perfect for guys trying their hand at this seemingly catastrophic (see what we did there?) relationship. There’s even a personality assessment test section for your friend to suss out if he’s ready to be a cat lady too. Filled with never-ending advice for the many cat shenanigans, this could be the gift that keeps on giving.

If you know someone who’s too much of a perfectionist to enjoy life, this is the book for them.


We all have that one friend who would fret and worry about mistakes, no matter how small. If you have perfectionst friends who just can’t take a chill pill, let Jenny Lawson take them on a journey of realisation that the most mortifying moments of their lives could very well be the ones that build them up. Follow Lawson as she recalls growing up in rural Texas, through awkward teenage years, and life with her ever-patient husband. This entire book sends the perfect message to your friends: Mistakes are made to be laughed at. Chill out.

If you want to be a little naughty this Christmas, here’s a couple of books with a bit of edge. Just enough to keep Santa from sending you coals this year 😉

Like sending out a #sorrynotsorry. While feminism is reaching out to more communities today, it doesn’t mean feminist communities are short of those who are unaware. Ladies, y’all know that one guy who thinks sexist jokes are still in.

Here’s a guide to feminism for him.


If they can’t take feminism from a lady, let Michael Kaufman and Michael Kimmel take it from here. Man to man. The book discusses the age-old ideas of women, and how the generation has to change for gender equality. Contrary to popular belief, feminism can be humorous and serious at the same time. With an overview of topics that contribute to feminism, the authors give readers a general idea of what feminism is, and how it impacts society — in a lighthearted manner that isn’t anywhere close to mansplaining.

Time to get educated, son.

And finally, a tongue-in-cheek way to tell someone to stop leeching off your free food and rides.
In an inspirational way, of course.


Let Suze Orman inspire your friend in need, with sound advice and a step-by-step introduction to getting into the right relationship with money. And hopefully, save your friendship. Suze Orman delves into our psychological relationship with money and how exactly to create a healthier relationship. Because skimping from Mondays to Fridays, and then indulging in retail therapy just won’t do.


By the end of this meaningful gift-giving session, you’ll be thrilled at how many lives you touched
this Christmas. After all, the best kinds of gifts are the ones that inspire.