23 Sep

Want to Get into Photography? There’s a Book for That!

Whether it’s to capture a moment forever or simply to spruce up your Instagram page, there’s bound to be a point in time where you’ll want to learn how to take better photographs. But usually you’ll wave away the prospects of starting photography with the same old excuses.

Well, we’ve got the solution to counter that tiny voice in your head telling you why you can’t dive into photography: books! (You came to a reading movement page, what did you expect?)

So, if you’re saying x is preventing you from starting photography, we’ve got a book for you.


If you say that you don’t have a fancy camera:

Don’t have fancy Leica film cameras or snazzy DSLRs? You don’t have to sell your kidney just to purchase one if you’re looking to start photography! Your phone will suffice.


Source: http://po.st/jdlj14

The Enthusiast’s Guide to iPhone Photography introduces you to the basic apps, tips and tricks you need to make this…


…look like this:


Learn about your phone camera’s functions such as white balance, HDR, and AE/AF lock—you’ll see how your phone can be used for so much more than just toilet selfies.

And for all we know, armed with nothing but this book and your phone, photography might become your new calling (pun intended). We may even see your work featured in Dhoby Ghaut MRT as part of the Shot on iPhone campaign. 😊


If you say that there’s nothing cool around to take:

If someone told you that you have to travel to some far-off land to take breathtaking photographs, that someone is lying and you should check if their pants are on fire.


Source: http://po.st/IYrjOH

Extraordinary Everyday Photography shows that you don’t need to break out your passport or embark on a distant pilgrimage just “for the Gram”. What we love about this book is that it not only equips you with the necessary skills such as Miksang, texturing overlays, and panning, but also teaches you how and where you can find these Instagram-worthy moments. Expect yourself to be able to turn something as mundane as a sewer grate into art.


Make a grate look great!


If you say that you don’t know how to or don’t have the time to learn:

We’re killing two birds with one stone, or in this case, two excuses with one big book of quick guides.


Source: http://po.st/On34Il

The Complete Photo Manual by Weldon Owen is filled with over 300+ tips and tricks, ranging from the basics like finding the right gear, to the more complex specifics like how to photograph a shark. No wonder this book calls itself “a gold mine for any photography enthusiast-novice or pro”!

The best part is, most of these 300+ tips, as informative as they are, come in bite-sized chunks that fill up less than a quarter of the page! So, strike “no time to learn photography” off your list of excuses.

We hope that we got you excited to kickstart your journey of photography! So, borrow these books, get out there and:


Source: http://po.st/52oUIz 😉