31 May

To Reread or Not to Reread

Just like how I’ll rewatch a good movie, there are a couple of books that I love to read again. But too often people look at me and go…


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And no, it’s not like I don’t have new books to read. As a matter of fact, I have a To-Be-Read pile primed and ready for my next reading exploit. But there’s just something comforting about rereading an old book. To save myself the trouble of explaining it to others again, I’ve included the reasons why I reread books, and who knows, maybe some of these apply to you!


Reread reason #1: You gain new insights

The first time you read a book, you enter this state of flow. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, your curiosity gets the better of you and sweeps you away for the entirety of the book, and you become engrossed in the book. But when you reread the book for a second time, you begin to spot things like subtler subplots, foreshadowing, and different references the author drew. It’s like reading with the added fun of a treasure hunt!



Reread reason #2: You revisit familiar characters and concepts

As you reread the book, you revisit the fictional characters, real-life examples the authors used, and even the authors themselves. You share all the struggles they’ve been through, laugh at their wacky banter and even become inspired by them all over again. All-in-all, it feels like a reunion of old friends, minus the unpleasantries that comes with it!


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Reread reason #3: You experience the book in a different light

Additionally, when you reread the books at a different stage of your life, you’re not the same you you were when you first read it. You go through different events, experience new things and made some life-changing decisions that shaped and molded the way you think.


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You start to look at the book through a different, more insightful view. For example, you may have wondered or even disliked a character for acting a certain way when you first read the book. But after going through various things in life, you come to understand why they chose to do what they did.


So what do you think? Do you agree with these reasons?