28 Jun

Singlit Saturday: Sofia and the Utopia Machine

What will the future of Singapore look like? Will we be able to live in the sky or under the sea, and travel around in hovercrafts? 


Source: https://gph.is/1adVLZR

Or will we have more marvelous skyscrapers and glasshouses on top of what we have today?


Source: http://po.st/Awu2WD

Judith Huang takes us on a voyage into the future with Sofia, a 15-year-old girl living in Singapore of the 22nd century. Excited to see a version of the future?


Sofia and The Utopia Machine 


But wait! Before you take the plunge into her world, there are three fascinating and scary things we need to warn you about. 



Instead of smartphones and laptops, people in her reality use netboxes, a device controlled by chips embedded in their arms. Not only does it help them to communicate with each other, it has the ability to float and project ‘holos’, or three-dimensional images. More expensive models of netboxes can even materialise small objects! 


Source: http://gph.is/1aTzYHL


The Voids 

In this world, Singapore is known as “the Voids”. Unfortunately, a calamity destroyed much of our island and it became a toxic and taboo place where many avoid. Darkmould, resembling chinese black fungus, poisons the people that live there. While there are  still mention of notable places such as Novena and Pulau Ubin, these places have become ruins filled with darkmould. To counter this, the government started building vertically, and middle class citizens now live in the Midlevels, while upper class citizens live in floating islands called Canopies.


The Utopia Machine 

Last, but not least, the namesake of the book—The Utopia Machine! 


Source: https://gph.is/1UUDp0W

Psst… we’re giving you privileged information only privy to researchers, the government, and the elite! While we can’t reveal everything, the Utopia Machine is said to be the only machine that can build a new universe. A huge upgrade from netboxes. However, just seven years ago, it mysteriously became inoperable at the same time Sofia’s father disappeared. Can this magical machine work again?


What do you think? With all the gadgets and cool machines, would you like to live in Sofia’s world?