National Reading Movement

Share a Read 2018 Terms and Conditions

This document introduces the Share a Read contest organised by the National Library Board (NLB) and sets out the rules. By entering the contest, participants agree to all the rules set out.


What is Share a Read?

From 18 June 0000 hrs to 29 July 2018 2359 hrs, NLB is organising a social media contest called Share a Read through the National Reading Movement’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. The username for both is @readingnationsg. Singaporeans are encouraged to share recommendations on books that have inspired them. Winners with the best posts will receive $100 worth of Popular vouchers.


How do I participate in Share a Read?

Compose a creative recommendation on a book. There are no specified titles or themes and the book can be in any language. In not more than 50 words, in English, tell us why more people should read this book.


(a)           post (i) the book recommendation and (ii) one or more photos of you and the book with interesting captions.

(b)           tag us @readingnationsg and use the hashtag #whatareyoureadingsg. Posts without these 2 hashtags will be disqualified.

(c)           remember to set your posts to “public”.


Who can participate in Share a Read?

Reading is for everyone and you do not have to be an NLB member to participate. Anyone who has a Facebook or Instagram account can participate, except NLB advisors or staff and their immediate family members, and any NLB vendors involved in this contest.


Can I participate more than once?

Participants are encouraged to post multiple entries but can be picked as a winner only once.



When will the winners be announced?

There will be 6 rounds of judging. Each round will consider posts between 0000hrs on Monday till 2359 on the following Sunday. NLB will pick the winners and decisions are final.

Results will be posted on the National Reading Movement Facebook page ( on 27 June, 4 July, 11 July, 18 July, 25 July and 1 August 2018. Winners will also be contacted via a comment on their winning posts.


How do I collect the prize?

After the results have been released, winners have to email the following information to (a) Username (b) Full Name (c) Mobile number.

Winners must (a) send the required information within 10 days and (b) collect prizes within 30 days of the dates the results are released; otherwise prizes may be forfeited.

Prizes can be collected either (a) by the winners themselves (with their own Singapore NRIC or Passport as proof of identity) or (b) by proxies authorised in writing by the winners (with the Singapore NRIC or Passport of both the winner and the proxy as proof of identity – the names of the proxies will be recorded).


Who owns the rights to the text and images posted?

Participants must ensure that they own the copyright to the text and images posted and not infringe any copyright or breach any other laws.

NLB does not claim any copyright to the text and images posted by participants.

All participants grant NLB the perpetual right to exhibit, present, publish and archive their username or actual name; and the text and images posted in print, online or on any media for any purposes without the payment of any fee.


Check the National Reading Movement Facebook page ( and Instagram account (@readingnationsg) for updates! Unexpected circumstances may require NLB to change the rules or prizes at any time or to cancel the contest at NLB’s sole discretion.