31 Dec

Secret Collections: Why I love John Grisham

In Secret Collections, we talk to everyday Singaporeans with a slight obsession for books 😉.  Today, we will be interviewing Cherie, your local John Grisham fan. Check out her collection!


 1. Hi Cherie, tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a 33-year-old marketing professional who loves intellectual conversations (and arguments), reading, Netflix marathons and drinking good ol’ gin and tonic.

2. How large is your John Grisham collection?

Too small! I regret selling part of my collection a while back but I guess it’s also good to pass on my love for John Grisham’s works. As a more eco-friendly option, I’ve also turned to eBooks and read his latest work The Reckoning on my NLB Mobile app.

3. What about his books do you love?

I love the way he writes – it’s like watching a really good crime movie in your own head. I love the intensity of court proceedings and love how there’s almost always a twist at the end.

4. What was the book that started it all?

A Time To Kill!, Grisham’s first novel. It was introduced to me when I was 14 as part of a book exchange initiative in school. There were a lot of books that rotated among students every few weeks.


Although it was the first Grisham book I read, it was not my favourite. My favourite to date is still The Firm

5. Have you ever met him? If you did, what would you tell him?

No, I have not. Please live to a ripe old age and keep writing!

6. The Innocent Man
was adapted as a Netflix Show. Did you watch it? How does it compare to the book?

The Innocent Man is Grisham’s first and only non-fiction novel to date and whilst I find the case intriguing – and did watch a snippet of it on Netflix – I still prefer his fictional works. Fiction is a good escape from cruel reality.

7.  Is there a particular character you relate to?

Not really. The whole point is to escape in a different world that I otherwise will not know of – crime scenes, courtrooms, etc. In his latest book The Reckoning, he even touched on the Bataan Death March* and incorporated that into the story. It wouldn’t have been something I’d think of when I embark on a legal thriller – but that’s just the wonder of his storytelling.

*Bataan Death March is a 65-mile march in the Philippines that approximately 75,000 Filipino and American prisoners of war were forced to endure by the Japanese military during World War II. Thousands perished as a result. See more here: https://www.history.com/topics/world-war-ii/bataan-death-march


8. Which is your most prized book?

Every now and then, my mum would buy Grisham’s latest paperbacks for me, and I would devour them the moment I get a new book. So, I don’t really have just one prized book. Having said this, books make great gifts, especially when they are given to you by your loved ones.


9.  Is reading an important part of your life?

Yes, it is! When I read, I feel like I’ve made use of the privilege I have in my life (to be educated and being able to read) and as I read, I allow myself to be open to different perspectives, different worlds, and I always finish a good book knowing that it was well worth making time for it.


10. Why should someone read John Grisham?

His books are easy, entertaining and engaging. He pulls you into the main plot very quickly and sometimes you’re just so immersed into his world that every little twist and turn is so fun to read. Try it!