13 Nov

Power of Words




Certain words have the power to remain with us long after we have finished reading them. Words can be inspirational, giving us a whole new way of looking at things. Or, it can also help us understand the various facets of life.

The National Reading Movement (NRM) invites you to share with world the Power of Words with your all-time favourite and most meaningful quotations. Share your quotes and tell us how these words have impacted your life. Simply post a picture of a line or paragraph from a book on Instagram, and tell us why it relates so much to you or how it reflects you!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #whatareyoureadingsg, tag @readingnationsg and make your social profile public!

We’ve also created exclusive NRM digital stickers and GIFs for you to use! Download the stickers, use them, and save them to your favourites in your Instagram and WhatsApp apps.



  1. Tap the “Add Sticker” button
  2. Select the GIF option
  3. Search for ‘readingnationsg’

  1. Download ‘五色學倉頡 ONLINE’ from the App Store by searching for ‘Kotech’ or via this link:
    For iPhone users: https://apple.co/2QzQKVN
    For Android users: https://bit.ly/32qWL9K
  2. Click on the link for the ‘Readingnationsg’ sticker pack, or scan its respective QR code to access the link.
  3. Scroll down the page and tap to add the sticker pack to your app.
  4. Tap on ‘Open’ when prompted to open via the ‘五色學倉頡 ONLINE’ app.
  5. Tap on ‘Save’ to add the sticker pack to WhatsApp.

Here are some samples for reference:


Instagram Story


Instagram Post




From 11 December 2019 to 27 January 2020, we will be giving away exclusive reading gifts every fortnight to the five best ‘quotable’ entries on Instagram!

Check out the National Reading Movement Instagram page (@readingnationsg) to receive first-hand contest updates and winner announcements.

Who knows? Through the Power of Words, you might just be one of the lucky winners! Rules apply.

View the posts tagged with #whatareyoureadingsg here!

Terms & Conditions

From 11 December 2019 at 1400 hrs to 27 January 2020 at 2359 hrs, NLB is organising a social media contest on the National Reading Movement Instagram page. Every fortnight, the five best ‘quotable’ entries will each win exclusive National Reading Movement merchandise worth $125.

Who can participate in the Power of Words Contest?

You do not have to be an NLB member to participate.  Any person who is living in Singapore can participate, except NLB advisors or staff and their immediate family members, and any NLB vendors involved in organising this contest.

How do I participate in Power of Words?

Compose a creative post featuring the quotation (a line or a paragraph from the book) on Instagram and tell us why it relates so much to you or how it reflects you! You can post any book quotations or follow the themes we introduce every other week. The book can be in any language. However, all entries must be written in English.  In not more than 50 words, tell us what the quotation/book means to you.


(a)           post (i) the creative post with the quotation and (ii) one or more photos of you and the quotation with interesting captions.

(b)           tag us @readingnationsg and use the hashtag #whatareyoureadingsg. Posts without these 2 tags will be disqualified.

(c)           remember to set your profile to “public”.

You’d get bonus points if you use our Instagram GIF stickers in your posts too!

Can I participate more than once? 

Participants are encouraged to post multiple entries but can be picked as a winner only once.

When will the winners be announced?

NLB will pick the winners and decisions are final.

Contest winners will be contacted via post announcements on the National Reading Movement Instagram page and also via a comment on their winning post.

How do I collect the prize?

After the results have been released, winners have to email the following information to azizah_siddique@nlb.gov.sg: (a) Username (b) Full Name (c) Mobile number. 

Winners must (a) send the required information within 7 days and (b) collect prizes within 30 days of the dates the results are released; otherwise prizes may be forfeited. 

Prizes are to be collected by the winners themselves by showing us the email from NLB through their mobile phones.

Winners consent to being contacted by NLB to obtain feedback about the Contest or for publicity purposes. Winners also agree to photography and filming of the receipt by of their prizes and on any other separate occasion (if agreed by the participant and NLB) for publicity purposes.  NLB shall have the perpetual right to use, exhibit, present, publish and archive such photographs or videos for any purposes without the payment of any fee.

Who owns the rights to the text and images posted?

Participants must ensure that they post only images taken by them and content written by them. 

NLB does not claim any copyright to the content posted by participants. 

All participants grant NLB the perpetual right to exhibit, present, publish and archive their username or actual name; and the content posted in print, online or on any media for any purposes without the payment of any fee.


Check the National Reading Movement Instagram page and any other platforms??? for updates on the rules and the contest.  Unexpected circumstances may require NLB to change the rules or prizes at any time or to cancel the contest at NLB’s sole discretion.    11