07 May

Perfect Books for a Mother’s Day Gift

When it comes to choosing the right gift for your mother this Mother’s Day, books may not be the first thing on your mind. But instead of flowers or knick-knacks, a book may just be the most meaningful gift you can get for her.

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You can even take it one step further by reading the book first and note down snippets of the book that resonate with the moments you both shared, before giving the book to her!


God Help the Child by Toni morrison

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You may think it’s strange that we’re recommending this book for mothers to read; we don’t blame you. After all, the protagonist’s mother was ashamed and even repulsed by her own daughter’s “blue-black” skin. She didn’t even want her daughter to refer to her with anything other than “Sweetness” so that others wouldn’t know she was the mother.

Through flashbacks from various characters, we see everything that Sweetness did was for the better of her child. To toughen her up for the discriminatory world, Sweetness had to be strict, mean and even uncaring at times. Was she right? Maybe. But nobody can deny that it was a huge responsibility, and she did it all on her own.

What you can expect: This book serves two purposes. The first speaks to mothers, showing them that all they do and say to their children affect their whole lives. The second shows us that the strict rules and guidelines our parents impose on us are their way of loving us. Tough love, am I right?

Bonus: God help the child is short enough for your Mom to finish it in one sitting!


The Art of Discarding by Nagisa Tatsumi

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We all know that our mothers can keep a very, very clean home. We love them even when they nagged at us (almost every morning) to clean up our own rooms because we know it’s good for us.

In fact, it’s so good for us that Nagisa Tatsumi, author of The Art of Discarding, advocates clearing any form of physical clutter in your life to help you tackle psychological issues! Thanks, mum!

Tatsumi splits the book into an easy-to-read manner. First, she provides ten attitudes we can adopt to ease us into the process of discarding. The next half of the book covers ten strategies on how to discard any form of clutter.

What you can expect: You and your mother will go on an all-out purge on all the things you do not need in the spirit of decluttering. It makes for the perfect bonding activity. Just make sure – mum? Wait, mum, I’m not done with my laptop! It’s not part of the clutter! I need it!


My Mom, the Style Icon by Piper Weiss

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Can you believe that the lady you know as your mother used to be just like you? That means she has had her own fair share of naggings, failed relationships and fashion!

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Based on the author’s widely popular blog with the same name, My mom, the Style Icon is like a throwback to when Instagram did not exist and when mums were super fashionable (not that they aren’t now).

The book features 200  photographs of the previous generation in their own stylish trends, coupled with stories from those who submitted them. This book is for all the mothers out there before motherhood pulled them in a different direction.

What you can expect: You’ll look at your mum in a new light. You’ll see her for who she was, and who she is. All that she went through for you and realised this woman who has been there for you is the most beautiful woman in this whole world. Remember to leave notes in this book to remind her of how beautiful she still is. Better yet, leave spa vouchers within the pages of this book to pamper her to a wonderful beauty treatment.


What other books do you think would be a great read for mums?