09 Oct

Literature’s Scariest Monsters

Horror movies get all the attention during Halloween season, but literature has its fair share of nightmarish monsters too. Here are five terrifying creatures that will make your skin crawl and haunt you for weeks.


1. Grendel from Beowulf


Source: http://po.st/REViya

Meet the first monster to appear in the epic poem, Beowulf. As a descendent of Cain—the world’s first murderer—Grendel is cursed by God to have horrifying deformities, resulting in an incredibly strong giant-like creature that is “very terrible to look upon.”

Not only does the monster have a desire to devour men after killing them, which it does one night after breaking into a mead hall, its skin is also unpierceable by swords.

It is feared by everyone except the mighty warrior Beowulf, but since we aren’t him, it’s wise to keep our distance! 


2. Beldam from Coraline

Our next monster looks like your mother, except she has a pair of shiny, black buttons as eyes.


Source: http://gph.is/1fWPCDn

In the novel, young Coraline finds herself in an alternate world that mirrors her own. It is there that she meets her Beldam, who looks exactly like her real mother. Not too bad, right? And in all fairness, Beldam does start off as a very sweet person who cares for Caroline.

However, we soon find out that she wants to sew black buttons into Coraline’s eyes and steal her soul. Definitely not mother of the year material!


3. The Woman in Black from The Woman in Black


Source: https://gph.is/1eRjIHI

Nothing is more chilling than a ghost from an old-fashioned gothic novel. Especially one that makes you hear screams of a child from the marshes.

The woman in black is a vengeful spirit who was forcibly separated from her child, who ended up dying before her eyes. Although we fully sympathise with her tragedy, we’re definitely not supporting her comeback as an evil spirit to presage the death of children.

Whatever you do, you do not want to get between this ghost and her child, or she may just end up killing yours.


Source: https://gph.is/1TYKYEM


4. The Unknown Entities from Bird Box

Would you be afraid of something that you cannot see?

Before you answer that, it’s best that you know about the monsters from Bird Box. They’re like nothing anyone has ever seen, literally. Nobody actually knows how they look like. Why? Because one look at them will make you go insane and turn into a homicidal maniac, killing everyone around you before killing yourself.

In a world where seeing can literally drive you mad, your only defence is to keep your eyes closed all the time. Would you go so far as to deliberately blind yourself for protection, as some characters in the book do?

We’ll let you ponder that thought, with your eyes closed of course!  


Source: https://gph.is/2wG7qAy


5. Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

“I like to dissect girls. Did you know I’m utterly insane?”


Source: http://po.st/gKzAJ3

Last on the list and certainly no less scarier is Patrick Bateman. He’s of the human variety but don’t let that fool you.

Bateman is a wealthy and materialistic Wall Street banker who lives a double life as a serial killer—and he kills indiscriminately. From colleagues to the homeless and prostitutes, no one is spared from his appetite for murder.

He frequently engages in rape, torture, necrophilia and cannibalism, all while looking like an average man. A wolf in sheep’s clothing indeed!


There you have it, five of literature’s scariest monsters! If you aren’t spooked out yet, we dare you to join our Halloween haunted trails. 👻🎃

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