17 Jan

Excuses for not reading: Distractions or Laziness?

Around the world, people are spending less time reading, especially so for leisure. Is this the case for Singapore as well? Here, statistics on our reading habits are only a few years old and still inconclusive. However, two studies have shown that our reading rate of 44% falls far below other countries (Americans: 76%, British: 75%).

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According to a 2014 National Arts Council (NAC) survey, many respondents cited “lack of time” and “lack of interest” as the main reasons. Moreover, respondents in the 2016 National Library Board (NLB) survey said that “other activities were more attractive”. But let’s examine the deeper factors involved.

One reason may just be the screen you are reading this on. As we all have experienced by now, the advent of the digital age has increased the distractions in our lives. Not only do we have to juggle our time with our real-life commitments, we now have virtual ones too!

Increased connectivity makes us stay on our phones and laptops longer to reply messages. Instead of reading, time is spent on binge-watching Netflix shows or scrolling through Facebook. Do these screens really wield so much power over our time? While we have busier lives because of these devices, there are also pockets of time where we can choose to put down our phones. Long travelling time? Or waiting in line? The average Singaporean spends about 84 minutes commuting by public transport each day. Plenty of time to read a chapter.


Source: https://gph.is/2gmGQDE

Perhaps laziness contributes to our lack of interest. We simply aren’t motivated enough to find a book to read. “That’s it, time to give up, laziness is also out of my control,” many might say. But what if we haven’t found the right book to read? Not all books are created equal and we all have different preferences. It’s true, we have limited time and resources; but if we spend them wisely by choosing well, we might just enjoy the read. You can even use fun quizzes or guiding questions to help you decide which book genres are right for you..

Or you could go through our blog for some great reading lists to help you get started, like History Books that Aren’t Boring and The Essential Graphic Novels Starter Pack. 😏

Now you can put down that boring book, and begin the search for a better one!

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Source : https://gph.is/2MF88r1

So which reason describes you more? Distractions or laziness? Or a mix of both?