National Reading Movement

Double Up Promotion is Extended!

Use the NLB Mobile app to continue borrowing more items!

Skip the queue when you scan and borrow using the NLB Mobile app. You can also enjoy other features on the app such as borrowing eBooks and even registering for library events.

How to Scan and Borrow with the NLB Mobile app:

  1. Install and launch the NLB Mobile app
  2. Tap on the “Login” icon
  3. If you do not have myLibrary ID, tap on “Sign up” and follow the step-by-step guide shown below
  4. Once you have signed in on the NLB Mobile app, tap on the camera icon located at the top-left corner of the Home page
  5. Position phone camera over barcode of library item
  6. Tap “Borrow”!

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1.    What are my borrowing privileges during this promotion?

During this promotion, your loan quota will be doubled as long as you use the NLB Mobile app to borrow library material.

# This promotion period applies if you use the NLB Mobile app to borrow library items.
* Note: One-time renewals are allowed for unreserved items except for magazines and audio-visual materials. Renewals should be done before or on the due date.

From now till 30 November 2018, the loan quota for eBooks will also be doubled. Library users can borrow up to 16 eBooks each from these eBook collections – (i) Overdrive; (ii) Apabi; (iii) iRead eBook (formerly known as airitiBooks); and (iv) HyRead (Chinese eMagazines).

That means you can borrow up to a total of 64 eBooks during this promotional period.

2.    Who is eligible for this promotion?

All National Library Board (NLB) library members are eligible for this promotion.

3.    What is the loan period during the promotion?

The loan period during the promotion remains at 21 days for all library items. If you wish to have a longer loan period, please renew your library items before or on the due date. Do note that one-time renewals are allowed for unreserved items except for magazines and audio-visual materials.

4.    Are renewals allowed during the promotion?

Yes, any unreserved library items, except audio-visual materials and magazines, can be renewed before or on the due date during the promotion period. The one-time free renewal can be done via the NLB Mobile app or the NLB website. Upon renewal, the loan period for the renewed items will be extended for another 21 days.

5.    How many audio-visual materials can I borrow during this promotion period?

There is no loan quota for audio-visual materials during this promotion period. You can borrow from 16 to 32 items depending on your membership type. Please refer to the table in FAQ no. 1.

6.    I’m not using the NLB Mobile app, am I still eligible for this promotion?

You can only borrow more items when you use the NLB Mobile app to check out.

(Updated: 10 Oct 2018)