29 Nov

Current Malay Titles You Should Read

Do you enjoy reading books in your mother tongue? Today, we’ll introduce three contemporary Malay titles recommended by our very own librarians!


Surat yang Tercecer dalam Teksi (Letters Left in a Taxi) by Rohani Din


Source: http://po.st/l4rHqp

Here’s a title we highly recommend by award winning local author and poet, Rohani Din. It is a compilation of 13 short stories inspired by the author’s daily life. This charming writer draws attention to extraordinary aspects of the most ordinary things. Read her stories and you’ll definitely learn a lesson or two about how to conduct your life in a more fruitful way.

Borrow this collection here.


Minum Kopi di Boigeet House (Drinking Coffee at Boigeet House) by Suratman Markasan


Source: http://po.st/FXCoPu

Here’s a book that won the S.E.A. Write Award, written by one of Singapore’s Malay-language literary pioneers, Suratman Markasan. It is a riveting collection of short stories inspired by the author’s travels to Europe and Asia. All of the stories reflect the lives of the oppressed, tyrannised and exploited, and how they have to deal with constant adversity in their lives.

Read this compelling anthology of short stories here.


Komentar: Renungan Isu-Isu Semasa (Komentar: Reflections on Current Issues) by BERITA Mediacorp


Here’s a must-read book—a collection of selected articles that were published in BERITA Mediacorp’s portal from 2017 to 2018. The selection consists of articles that address social, political, economic and religious issues that are relevant to the Malay community within and outside of Singapore today. Engaging, readable and ever-so-important, we highly recommend all readers to borrow this book.