26 Dec

Chinese Fantasy Titles You Should Read

It can be hard to get into Mother Tongue books if you are not an avid reader. But with these books, you’ll be surprised at how accessible the stories can be. This month, we’ve consulted with our very own librarians to recommend some Chinese fantasy titles that are worth reading. Here’s the selection!

勉传 (The Story of Mian) by 耳东水寿


Source: http://po.st/38mQfm

First up is 勉传 (Miǎn chuán), one for the history junkies and fantasy lovers. It tells the story of an immortal man named 吴勉(Wú miǎn). He has lived for the past 2000 years and has left his mark throughout significant moments in history. He was once the object of people’s nightmares, and the saviour of the troubled. Find out more about his journey from ordinary man to invincible legend by borrowing the book!


百妖谱 (Collection of Demons and Ghosts) by 裟椤双树


Source: http://po.st/nsFeyn

Next, we have 百妖谱 (Bǎi yāo pǔ), a fun adventure book for those who want a little escapism. Our protagonist 桃夭 (táo yāo) is a ghost doctor who cures only monsters, not humans. Along with the little monk 磨牙 (mó yá), a demon fox they treated along the way, as well as their old neighbour the snake demon, they embark on a journey to treat all kinds of monsters, demons and ghosts. Read this book and go on a thrilling adventure as our heroes try to cure the most bizarre of diseases and encounter the most mysterious of obstacles.


四海鲸骑 (Beyond the Ocean) by 马伯庸, 驰骋


Here’s a compelling story anyone would enjoy. A long time ago, an Empress built a Buddha island in Southeast Asia full of treasures, in hopes of being granted a long life. However, before the island was fully complete, she passed away. No one knew about the Buddha island and its exact location, but the story continued to circulate for thousands of years.

One day, in the early years of the Ming Dynasty, the Emperor was assassinated by his navy while at sea. The crown prince manages to escape with the jade seal (proof that he is meant to be the next Emperor) in his possession. After which, he conceals his identity and sets sail on his own in search for the legendary Buddha Island. Borrow this exciting book here.