Congratulations to our prize winners!

First Prize Winner
Ms Lai Liyu
Second & Third Prize Winners
Ms Lai Oi Loon
Ms Loi Jing En Gladys
Next 25 Winners
Ms Bhali Sahavi Kaur
Ms Chiang Woei Chyi
Ms Chua Xin Jin Elicia
Mr Fok Fook Kwang
Mr Fong Tuck Leong Wilson
Ms Kanchana Chomputhep
Mr Krishnasamy Vinoth Kumar
Ms Leow Shium Rou
Ms Liew Yin Sin
Mr Lim Teck Siong
Ms Lim Wendy
Ms Nikita Han May Ling
Mr Ng Eng Gee
Ms Sabina Amara Abhiniwesa
Ms Tan Cheng Yee
Mr Tan Meng Li
Ms Tan Meng Xin
Mr Ufuk Genc
Ms Weng Jingting Wendy
Ms Wong Jeannie
Ms Wong Yuan Ching
Ms Wu Maolin
Ms Xu Dan
Ms Yap Wen Chin
Mr Zhang Yingliang

All our prize winners have been notified and have collected their prizes. Thank you for your participation.

Lucky Draw Prizes

First Prize
Pair of Singapore Airlines Economy Class Tickets to Brisbane
2nd & 3rd Prizes
Microsoft Surface Go tablet with type cover and Surface Pen
Next 25 Prizes
$200 Shopping Vouchers



  • Have a NLB library membership and a myLibrary User ID
  • Be 18 years old and above


  • 10-week Qualifying Period
  • From 1 Jul 2019 (Monday) to 8 Sep 2019 (Sunday)

How to Win Prizes

Challenge yourself to read every week!
Borrow books or eBooks every week to get lucky draw chances.

Borrow both books and eBooks every week for 10 weeks to get 20 lucky draw chances!

  • #Each week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday
  • ## Lucky draw chances are allocated to participants within 48 hours from the time of borrowing.
  • *”Book” refers to physical library materials including books, magazines, and audio-visual materials.
    “eBook” refers to eBooks and eAudiobooks” borrowed via one of these websites or apps (i) NLB Mobile app; (ii); (iii) or Overdrive app (NLB Collection only); (iv) or Libby app by Overdrive (NLB Collection only).

Get started

  1. Be a NLB library member.
    Not a member? Sign up for library membership online with your SingPass.
  2. Get your myLibrary ID.
    Don’t have an ID? Forgot your ID or password? Get your ID online.
  3. Register! Log in to your library account with your myLibrary ID.
    Have the NLB Mobile app? You can register with it too!

Find Out More

Scenarios on how lucky draw chances are allocated

Scenario 1
Amy borrowed 1 physical book on 6 July (Saturday) and another physical book on 7 July (Sunday).
Lucky draw allocation: Amy will receive 1 lucky draw chance for that week, because she can earn a maximum of 1 lucky draw chance each week from physical library items borrowed.
Scenario 2
Ben borrowed 1 physical book on 6 July (Saturday) and another eBook on 7 July (Sunday).Lucky draw allocation: Ben will receive 2 lucky draw chances for that week, one from the physical book borrowed and another from the eBook borrowed.
Scenario 3
Cathy borrowed 10 physical books on 6 July (Saturday) and another 10 eBooks on 7 July (Sunday).Lucky draw allocation: Cathy will receive 2 lucky draw chances for that week, one from the physical books borrowed and another from the eBooks borrowed.


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Find a Good Read – eBooks & eAudiobooks

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Travel the World
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Find a Good Read – Books


Short Stories and Novellas for Commuting. Specially for busy folks, these books are short, intriguing and easy to finish – perfect for train and bus rides to work and back. Bonus: these titles add almost no bulk to your already-heavy bag.

How to be happy. Life’s better when we’re happy, healthy and successful. To help you on your journey to happiness, try out these recommended titles.

Books for people tired of adult responsibilities. Being an adult is hard! When life gives you Super lemons (so sour!), here are some recommendations for reads that help you to take it all in your stride.

Spice up your life! Enjoy a bit of flavour in your dishes? Take up the challenge with these books and whip up these meals that will tantalize your palate.

Money Wise: Books about financial planning and budgeting. Working hard for your money takes up much time and energy. Here are some suggestions and ways to use that hard-earned money wisely.

Harry Potter Readalikes. If you grew up with Harry Potter and are looking for readalikes, we’ve got your back. From books about secret wizarding schools and organisations, to books about rich fantasy worlds and quests to defeat evil overlords, expand your horizons and explore the world of fantasy fiction with these titles.

Classics Re-imagined. Ever wondered what happened to your favourite characters in classic novels after the book ends? What about side characters? Would characters from classic novels survive in today’s modern world? Check out these 10 books and explore a whole new world of classics re-imagined.
World Lit. From books written in English to translations from the Japanese, Arabic, or Swedish written by a multitude of writers, this list of world literature gives us greater insights into cultural values, triumphs, and tribulations of the human condition through fiction.
Fantasy Epics with Court Intrigue. If you like sprawling epic tales with political intrigue, set over vast kingdoms and packed with memorable characters, pick up one of these titles.

(Updated 02 Oct 19)