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Singlit Saturday: 3 Books to Start the Year

New Year, new reads! How about flipping to a new chapter these captivating #Singlit books?. Oftentimes, in the pursuit of our aspirations, we faced obstacles along the way. One can argue that it’s not about the destination, but the journey. Having a resilient mindset is key, no matter how tough it can be. The following […]

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Suffian Hakim: Humour, Spice and Everything Nice

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If you had a laugh reading Harris Bin Potter and The Minorities, your sides are bound to ache from laughter as you read Suffian Hakim’s replies to our questions. Explore what goes into the mind of the eccentric home-grown author and his reading habits.   1. It’s safe to say that Harris Bin Potter was […]

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Guilty Pleasure Books For Your Shelf

You’re lying if you said that you haven’t been ashamed of liking some books before. But we believe that when it comes to reading, you don’t have to be embarrassed about anything! We’ll be sharing some guilty pleasure books that are oh-so-captivating. Source:   If Not For You by Debbie Macomber   Source: […]

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For the Love of Romantic Fiction

Romance is the best-selling literary genre, and there’s no shame to indulge in it! Who can resist the promise of a sweet story with a happy ending? When we think of romantic fiction, we think of the works of popular authors like Jane Austen, Nora Roberts and Nicholas Sparks. However, there are many other hidden […]

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Reads for the Domestic God Wannabe

Managing your home isn’t easy, and even more so if you’re working. You know the struggle is real when you’re trying to make your home look more, well, like a home. Come on, even HDB flats can look Pinteresty. Like this minimalist home that doesn’t even look like an average HDB unit.  Source: Of […]

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