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Thrilling Plays that will Mess with Your Sleep Schedule

We know what you’re thinking: plays are better seen than read. But some plays are so beautifully written, engrossing, and funny that you’ll read them straight through! Especially as the reading goes much faster when most of the text is dialogue. 😏 You don’t have to be a die-hard theatre fan to enjoy these captivating […]

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Romeo and Juliet Retold

Since Shakespeare’s time, there have been several retellings of Romeo and Juliet. These retellings vary in degree on how loose the adaptations are. Some use a different set of characters or outcomes, while others set the story in another time period, and some even feature different rivalling forces. But with so many different adaptations, it […]

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3 Must-Read Singaporean Biographies

Everybody loves a good biography with a journey to be inspired by! Today, we’ve brought together three incredible Singaporeans with amazing stories to tell. From a female funeral director to a football legend to our longest serving President, here are a few Singaporean biography picks!   1. Dying to Meet You by Angjolie Mei Source: […]

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Must-See Literary Destinations in Europe

Are you a booklover with a serious case of wanderlust? Pack your bags because we’ve got a list of must-see literary destinations just for you. Today, our focus will be on destinations in Europe. From a monastery’s library in Prague to a cemetery in Paris, here are our top picks! Edinburgh, Scotland   Source:, […]

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4 Sci-Fi Gadgets We Wished Were Real

Yes, we know. Sci-fi technology can be really dangerous. But what if it’s also really cool? Here are four gadgets we wished were real… even if they could possibly destroy of all humanity. 😉   The Babel Fish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Our hapless protagonist Arthur Dent finds himself whisked away on […]

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