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  • You’re on the train, and you’ve just completed all the levels of Candy Crush. You open Instagram and refresh the feed 20 times, but still, no new updates… You’ve also run out of cat videos to watch… So what are you supposed to do for the rest of your 30-minute ride? GIF Source: Well, […]

  • What do mothers want for Mother’s Day? While nearly 9 out of 10 will get their mother a gift, not all would want flowers so think twice before dialing the florist. How about doing the housework for a change? Nearly most mothers feel that Mother’s Day is a day to be pampered regardless of the […]

  • Picture a typical Mother’s Day celebration Most of us imagine treating our mothers with dinners, presents or handmade gifts on that special day. But what about new mums and the mums-to-be around you? If you are thinking of a friend who will be a new mum and decided that she should not be left out […]

  • Mother’s Day is only a few days away, so you are wondering what you should get her this year. You make a list, and realise she already has everything she needs. You panic. Do not fret because we might just have the solutions to your problems! Why not do something a little different this year, […]

  • Ahh, Labour Day! It’s a day for working adults in Singapore to kick back and take a break from work. Who doesn’t love Labour Day? But not all who labour will have a day off, in fact, there are some who rarely have a break – consider this: Across the world, child and forced labour […]