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Perfect Books for a Mother’s Day Gift

When it comes to choosing the right gift for your mother this Mother’s Day, books may not be the first thing on your mind. But instead of flowers or knick-knacks, a book may just be the most meaningful gift you can get for her. Source: You can even take it one step further by […]

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The Strongest Women in Comics

We’ve put together the best of the best for this list, so let’s celebrate girl power with comics’ strongest women! Have your favourites made the list?   Rogue Source: We’ll kick off with Rogue, one of the most beloved members of the X-Men. She has the insane ability to absorb the thoughts, memories, psyche […]

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Lyrical Prose You Can Sing Along To

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Have you ever read something that sounded as if they possessed a certain rhythm or sound? The same sort which you could find in a song. Source: Some of the sentences are quick, choppy and detached – similar to a staccato in music. Others flow so well like legato, binding and connecting every single […]

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How to Read Art: 3 Essential Books

Ever been in an art museum, looked around and thought “I just don’t get it”? Well, worry not because you’re not alone! Today, we will be recommending three books that’ll help you get a better understanding of today’s art and equip you with the right skills for your next gallery visit! Source:   Who’s […]

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History Books That Aren’t Boring

If you avoid history books and historical fiction like they’re the Black Plague, you might be surprised to find out that there are many interesting books out there. Source: No, we aren’t joking. Here are four history and historical fiction books that will not bore you to tears!   A Short History of Nearly […]

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