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Novels from Southeast Asia

We’re used to reading books about America and Britain. But what about stories from the region closer to home? Know more about Southeast Asia through these books! Evening is the Whole Day by Preeta Samarasan Source: Samarasan’s first novel immerses us in 1980s Malaysia. The story centres around the prosperous Rajasekrharan family. Heading the […]

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4 Must-Read Books Written By Children

In the spirit of the recently ended Young Writers Festival, we decided to feature some of literature’s youngest minds! These wonderful books — ranging from the quirky to the tragic — prove to us that it’s never too early to start writing, and young voices are worth hearing. Share these stories with aspiring young writers […]

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Books With Shocking Twists

Do you want a read that surprises you? Source: Admit it – who doesn’t love a book with a great mind-twisting shock? We live for them! Here are some great reads that will surely make you yell, “I knew it!”   Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk Source: Fight Club follows the story of an unnamed protagonist suffering […]

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Around the World in 7 Books

Hey readers, we want to challenge you to read a book from every continent around the world! We are always encouraging people to read widely, and this is a great way to start! What better way to know the world than through books from different continents! Are you up for it? Here are some recommendations! […]

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5 Books All Dog-Lovers Must Read

Dog lovers rejoice! Source: We’ve promised you canine-loving fans that we’ll do a tribute fur you and our furry pals. So, wrap that blanket around you and your fluffy companions as we go through a list of books you and your pups will love! You will laugh, you will cry and you will wag your […]

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