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Excuses for not reading: Distractions or Laziness?

Around the world, people are spending less time reading, especially so for leisure. Is this the case for Singapore as well? Here, statistics on our reading habits are only a few years old and still inconclusive. However, two studies have shown that our reading rate of 44% falls far below other countries (Americans: 76%, British: […]

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Lessons learnt from ‘Goodbye, Things’ by Fumio Sasaki

We know the drill. Chinese New Year is just around the corner and along comes the dread of housekeeping. What if we told you that simply throwing away some of your possessions could have a remarkable effect on your mind and health? Fumio Sasaki was just a regular guy who was stressed at work and […]

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Books Set In Winter

Have you ever wished for snow in Singapore but ended up imagining the rain as snowflakes? Here are a few wintry book recommendations that you can chill out to. Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik Source: Miryem, a poor money collector’s daughter, faces a bleak winter ahead of her — her family has barely enough food […]

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Non-Book Gifts to Get Book Lovers

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? If you are still pondering over what to get your bibliophilic friends, here is a list of gifts to wow them… or gifts you could get for yourself. 😏 #selflove   1. A Handy Bookmark   We’ve all been guilty of this. Source: To ensure that dog-eared pages become […]

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Books to Pack For Your Next Holiday

Holidays are just around the corner! After a tiring work or school year, sometimes we just need time to recharge. For different people this means different things. Take a fulfilling break with any of these three different books depending on your mood. 1. Laughter is the best medicine Source: It is usually ill-advised to […]

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