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Books to Pack For Your Next Holiday

Holidays are just around the corner! After a tiring work or school year, sometimes we just need time to recharge. For different people this means different things. Take a fulfilling break with any of these three different books depending on your mood. 1. Laughter is the best medicine Source: It is usually ill-advised to […]

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I Tried Reading Mystery Books for a Month

Recently a friend of mine challenged me to read mystery novels for a whole month (yes, we’re just that fun… woohoo!). Source: Now, I am the last person who should ever take on this challenge. Don’t get me wrong, mystery novels are great but fantasy has always been my cup of tea. While fantasy […]

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Biographies of the Richest in Asia

All this hype over Crazy Rich Asians (which we have unlimited copies of till November!) has got us thinking about who exactly the richest people in Asia are. Today, we’ve picked out biographies of some of the top Billionaires in Asia. These individuals are no doubt remarkable and have made and sustained their fortunes in […]

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Must-See Literary Destinations in Europe

Are you a booklover with a serious case of wanderlust? Pack your bags because we’ve got a list of must-see literary destinations just for you. Today, our focus will be on destinations in Europe. From a monastery’s library in Prague to a cemetery in Paris, here are our top picks! Edinburgh, Scotland   Source:, […]

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4 Sci-Fi Gadgets We Wished Were Real

Yes, we know. Sci-fi technology can be really dangerous. But what if it’s also really cool? Here are four gadgets we wished were real… even if they could possibly destroy of all humanity. 😉   The Babel Fish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Our hapless protagonist Arthur Dent finds himself whisked away on […]

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