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Reading Aloud: An Experience

I am not a fan of public speaking. So when I was invited to join a book club, my fight-or-flight response was activated. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading. But the thought of reading aloud and discussing my inner thoughts about a book with a room full of strangers? Source: But I (try […]

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Libraries in Singapore once had an overcrowding problem.

Libraries are wonderful! Libraries in Singapore are full of stories, and literally, storeys of books. They have been drawing hordes of Singaporeans from all walks of life — like moths to a flame! And as we have learnt from our friends from the Singapore Policy History Project team at the National Archives of Singapore, our […]

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Must-See Literary Destinations in Europe

Are you a booklover with a serious case of wanderlust? Pack your bags because we’ve got a list of must-see literary destinations just for you. Today, our focus will be on destinations in Europe. From a monastery’s library in Prague to a cemetery in Paris, here are our top picks! Edinburgh, Scotland   Source:, […]

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5 Places that prove Singapore is a reading haven

In the famous words of Dr Seuss, “Reading can take you places you have never been before” but before that, allow us to take you to places you’ve probably never been before for the reading to take you to the places you’ve never been before. WOW that is a mouthful to say.

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5 Things You Should Bring for Studying at The Library


Studying at the library can be fun if you’ve got the essentials with you! Here are some of the items you shouldn’t leave at home! (p.s: don’t forget your study materials!) (source: 1.    Jacket/Hoodie This is probably the most important item that you should bring if you are planning to study in the library […]

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