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Fantasy Universes You DON’T Want to Live In

If you’ve ever searched your wardrobe for a doorway to Narnia when you’re eight or waited for your letter from Hogwarts at 11, you’re not alone. A quick Google search reveals that many people seek to escape into a fantasy world. (You’ll also find a plethora of t-shirts designs centred around this escapism.) Source: But […]

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Literature’s Greatest Detectives

Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot aren’t the only great detectives in literature! Here are four fascinating detectives who solve crimes in different ways and different circumstances. Chief Inspector Chen Cao Source: Inspector Chen of the Shanghai Police Department is the hero of Qiu Xiaolong’s numerous mystery novels. The novels are set in 1990s China, […]

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Thrilling Plays that will Mess with Your Sleep Schedule

We know what you’re thinking: plays are better seen than read. But some plays are so beautifully written, engrossing, and funny that you’ll read them straight through! Especially as the reading goes much faster when most of the text is dialogue. 😏 You don’t have to be a die-hard theatre fan to enjoy these captivating […]

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5 Sci-Fi Horror Books to Keep You Up At Night

Did you know that Frankenstein was the result of some friends challenging themselves to come up with scary stories? 😱Although the first science fiction horror book was published over 200 years ago, we have never stopped wanting more. Here are five sci-fi horror books that will give you sleepless nights! Source: Never Let Me […]

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Train Rides to Be A-Freight Of

We’d bet that you have never really felt unsafe on an MRT ride before. But not everyone is that lucky. From the Hogwarts Express to the 4.50 from Paddington, get inspired to read some of the most freight-inducing trains in literature. All aboard!   Pelham One Two Three from The Taking of Pelham One Two […]

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