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Have You Read ‘This Is What Inequality Looks Like’?

Source: Copies of Teo You Yenn’s This Is What Inequality Looks Like have been flying off the shelves of local bookstores and our libraries. Some of us are even lagging behind in the reservation queue! In this book, Dr Teo draws on data from three years worth of interviews and research from visiting HDB […]

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3 Must-Read Singaporean Biographies

Everybody loves a good biography with a journey to be inspired by! Today, we’ve brought together three incredible Singaporeans with amazing stories to tell. From a female funeral director to a football legend to our longest serving President, here are a few Singaporean biography picks!   1. Dying to Meet You by Angjolie Mei Source: […]

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Eva Wong Nava Opens Up

As an author who strongly believes in a more open and inclusive world, Eva Wong Nava has certainly opened our eyes through her book Open: A Boy’s Wayang Adventure. Source: But that’s not all this empathetic author has to offer. Buckle up and get your notebooks ready as you would not want to miss her […]

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Singapore: As Told By Books

Crazy Rich Asians is set to hit cinemas next week. If you’re not caught up with the drama, here’s what happened: Despite the hype surrounding the movie based on Kevin Kwan’s book of the same title, it has garnered some criticism for its inaccurate portrayal of Singaporeans — not all of us are affluent and […]

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Alternate Realities of Singapore We Wished Were Real

Singapore is a safe country. But, as some would say, safe is boring. There are no mountains to climb, and most certainly, no dragons to slay. Don’t you wish that there’s more to life than this rat race? If you’ve ever imagined a man running and avoiding obstacles as you drove along TPE, or wielded […]

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