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  • Do you remember the National Day song, My People, My Home? Well, meet the Singapore female poet behind the lyrics to that song: Anne Lee Tzu Pheng. On top of writing one of the most iconic National Day songs, she has also written five volumes of poems, three of which won the National Book Development […]

  • I’ve always dreamt of starting a business of my own. But lately, it seems like it is everyone’s dream as well. At every corner, I’m hit by so many success stories of Singaporean entrepreneurs while here I am struggling to get by. That got me wondering: how did these entrepreneurs get to where they are […]

  • There’s nothing like a good romance novel, or three! Our mother tongue librarians have come together to recommend a few books to us in the name of love 😜. Pick one up, or recommend one to a friend! அபரஞ்சி (Abaranji) by பூம்பாவை Source: First up, we have Abaranji, a story about a girl who […]

  • When we think of love, relationships and people come to mind. What about everyday objects where we spend our most private moments with? In Objects of Affection, Krishna Udayasankar gives voices to these objects to tell stories in three main themes of love, betrayal and hope. Some are daily items we use, while others are […]

  • He is a graduate of the University of California Berkeley, a recipient of the Singapore Literature Prize commendation award, and an award-winning scriptwriter. Source: He is none other than Dave Chua, the beloved author of Gone Case, a gritty coming-of-age novel set in our heartlands. Wondering who his literary hero is? Or what strange […]