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  • Not many people follow the contemporary art scene in Singapore, but fret not, the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library has a few gems that’ll surely interest you! Today, we will be introducing three fascinating artists based in Singapore, and a book by each of them. 1. Pulp: A Short Biography of the Banished Book by […]

  • Do you fall asleep at the thought of history? Don’t deny it, I’m sure you’ve stolen a few winks at least once. 😏 Now, what if I told you history could come alive Source: I’m sure you’re thinking, “Nah, it’ll still be too dry.” But wait! With historical fiction, you can really go back […]

  • Have you ever read a philosophical action-packed horror-comedy, coming-of-age road trip novel starring a pontianak? Source: If your answer is yes, then you’ve probably read Suffian Hakim’s ‘The Minorities’. If your answer is no, here are three reasons why you should read it! 1. Hilarious, action-packed plot First of all, the plot of this book […]

  • Do you remember the National Day song, My People, My Home? Well, meet the Singapore female poet behind the lyrics to that song: Anne Lee Tzu Pheng. On top of writing one of the most iconic National Day songs, she has also written five volumes of poems, three of which won the National Book Development […]

  • I’ve always dreamt of starting a business of my own. But lately, it seems like it is everyone’s dream as well. At every corner, I’m hit by so many success stories of Singaporean entrepreneurs while here I am struggling to get by. That got me wondering: how did these entrepreneurs get to where they are […]