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#BuySingLit: 5 things we’re excited about!

CALLING ALL BOOK LOVERS! #BuySingLit is here! Clear your calendars from 9 – 11 March, and get ready for a great literary weekend. #BuySingLit is all about discovering, celebrating and supporting local literature, and there are so many wonderful events lined up for you! Here are five we’re especially excited about. 😉 Source:   […]

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Readaholic Confessions: Ong Teck Beng

We’ve got an exciting book to recommend to you today! This is thanks to Ong Teck Beng, whom we spoke to recently. Teck Beng is involved in the paper mill business and is aptly, an avid reader as well. He is very interested in lesser-known fiction books, and is often researching online for new finds. […]

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The Better Side of Being Bilingual

Singapore is a country overflowing with many cultures, and therefore, languages. It’s not uncommon to see a turban-clad uncle speaking Mandarin or a Chinese uncle speaking in Malay. Throughout the years, the importance of the English language has been emphasised. Vernacular subjects in schools are taught in English, and even English words appear first on […]

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A Selection of Local Poetry: Reflecting on Where We Came From

What does it mean to live or grow up in Singapore? We have selected 3 excerpts from local poetry that reflect who we are and where we are now. Maybe you can relate to one of them!

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If you google “Singapore Scenery”, you’ll get a bunch of images of touristy places in Singapore. Which are basically all just buildings. Okay, and maybe some trees. Specifically these trees.

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