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On Books and Noir with Paul French

New York Times bestselling author and Edgar Award winner Paul French recently graced us with his presence, speaking at the Singapore Writers Festival on the changes China has gone through and its impact on the world, along with the challenges and attractions of researching the history of Shanghai and Singapore. In case you missed the […]

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Biographies of the Richest in Asia

All this hype over Crazy Rich Asians (which we have unlimited copies of till November!) has got us thinking about who exactly the richest people in Asia are. Today, we’ve picked out biographies of some of the top Billionaires in Asia. These individuals are no doubt remarkable and have made and sustained their fortunes in […]

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Have You Read ‘This Is What Inequality Looks Like’?

Source: Copies of Teo You Yenn’s This Is What Inequality Looks Like have been flying off the shelves of local bookstores and our libraries. Some of us are even lagging behind in the reservation queue! In this book, Dr Teo draws on data from three years worth of interviews and research from visiting HDB […]

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How to Read Art: 3 Essential Books

Ever been in an art museum, looked around and thought “I just don’t get it”? Well, worry not because you’re not alone! Today, we will be recommending three books that’ll help you get a better understanding of today’s art and equip you with the right skills for your next gallery visit! Source:   Who’s […]

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The Sassiest Authors Ever

Attention readers! Today, we bring to you the sassiest authors ever! Who doesn’t love an author who has the courage to ‘stick it to the man’ and pens down their frustrations with a good dose of cruel irony? Here are three sassy authors we adore and some of their books we recommend!  Books by these […]

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