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The Ultimate Halloween Reading List

Halloween is the perfect time for scary stories, and we’ve decided to brave through nightmares, angry spirits and murderous psychopaths to bring you this list of scary books.   If you’re a horror movie junkie, why not try reading horror stories instead? It goes without saying that movies will always miss parts of the original […]

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I Tried Reading Mystery Books for a Month

Recently a friend of mine challenged me to read mystery novels for a whole month (yes, we’re just that fun… woohoo!). Source: Now, I am the last person who should ever take on this challenge. Don’t get me wrong, mystery novels are great but fantasy has always been my cup of tea. While fantasy […]

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The Dark Side of Roald Dahl

Everyone’s favourite children’s author has also written surprisingly dark and morbid short stories for adults. Here’s an introduction to some selected stories, but be warned, they are quite unnerving!   The Landlady Source: You’ll never feel comfortable in a B&B ever again after this story! Here’s how it goes…  17-year-old Billy Weaver is travelling […]

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The Gruesome Truth of Fairy Tales

Every fairy tale ends with a happily ever after, right? Not in the original versions of our favourite classics! Fairy tales used to be written for adults too, so dark themes were not unexpected. Since it’s the month for Halloween and all things horror 😈, we dug deep to find the gruesome truth behind some […]

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Literature’s Greatest Detectives

Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot aren’t the only great detectives in literature! Here are four fascinating detectives who solve crimes in different ways and different circumstances. Chief Inspector Chen Cao Source: Inspector Chen of the Shanghai Police Department is the hero of Qiu Xiaolong’s numerous mystery novels. The novels are set in 1990s China, […]

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