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Malay Horror Stories That’ll Keep You Up At Night

We’ve all heard a story or two about Pontianaks, Toyols and Pochongs. But what if Malay supernatural folklore is not enough for you? Here are three recently published Malay horror stories for the absolutely dauntless! Penunggu (Watchman) by Siti Rozilah  Source: First up we have a story perfect for those who believe in guardian […]

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Mother Tongue Romance Novels

There’s nothing like a good romance novel, or three! Our mother tongue librarians have come together to recommend a few books to us in the name of love 😜. Pick one up, or recommend one to a friend! அபரஞ்சி (Abaranji) by பூம்பாவை Source: First up, we have Abaranji, a story about a girl who […]

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Current Malay Titles You Should Read

Do you enjoy reading books in your mother tongue? Today, we’ll introduce three contemporary Malay titles recommended by our very own librarians!   Surat yang Tercecer dalam Teksi (Letters Left in a Taxi) by Rohani Din Source: Here’s a title we highly recommend by award winning local author and poet, Rohani Din. It is […]

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