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Fantasy Universes You DON’T Want to Live In

If you’ve ever searched your wardrobe for a doorway to Narnia when you’re eight or waited for your letter from Hogwarts at 11, you’re not alone. A quick Google search reveals that many people seek to escape into a fantasy world. (You’ll also find a plethora of t-shirts designs centred around this escapism.) Source: But […]

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Famous Dragons in Literature

The favourite creature of the fantasy genre is, of course, the ferocious dragon. From the most evil to the most loyal, here are some famous dragons and the books they are from! Smaug from The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien Source: Smaug is one of the most notorious and ferocious dragons in literature. Drawn to […]

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Alternate Realities of Singapore We Wished Were Real

Singapore is a safe country. But, as some would say, safe is boring. There are no mountains to climb, and most certainly, no dragons to slay. Don’t you wish that there’s more to life than this rat race? If you’ve ever imagined a man running and avoiding obstacles as you drove along TPE, or wielded […]

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Jin Yong: The Master of Martial Arts Novels

We’ve been exposed to many genres in literature but how many of us have been exposed to wuxia(武侠)? Source: Wuxia consists of two words. “Wu”(武) which stands for martial arts and “xia”(侠) which stands for chivalry. While wuxia may not be well-known in the West, it has inspired many young minds in Asia. One […]

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Netflix Shows Based On Books

Netflix and chill may be perfect after a long day, but so is curling up with a good book! Comparisons are often made between books and their TV adaptations, and in our completely unbiased 😉 opinion, we always prefer the depth, intimacy and stimulation of a good read. What about you? Here are some popular […]

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