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Meet Literature’s Best Pranksters

Ahh… April Fool’s, a day where pranksters run amok playing practical jokes on their unfortunate victims. But before you think these mischievous no-good rascals are the worst of the lot, the fiction world is filled with characters so notorious for their pranks, they make even the most playful prankster seem like your average goody-two-shoes! Get […]

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Mother Tongue Romance Novels

There’s nothing like a good romance novel, or three! Our mother tongue librarians have come together to recommend a few books to us in the name of love 😜. Pick one up, or recommend one to a friend! அபரஞ்சி (Abaranji) by பூம்பாவை Source: First up, we have Abaranji, a story about a girl who […]

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The Dark Side of Roald Dahl

Everyone’s favourite children’s author has also written surprisingly dark and morbid short stories for adults. Here’s an introduction to some selected stories, but be warned, they are quite unnerving!   The Landlady Source: You’ll never feel comfortable in a B&B ever again after this story! Here’s how it goes…  17-year-old Billy Weaver is travelling […]

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Literature’s Scariest Monsters

Horror movies get all the attention during Halloween season, but literature has its fair share of nightmarish monsters too. Here are five terrifying creatures that will make your skin crawl and haunt you for weeks.   1. Grendel from Beowulf Source: Meet the first monster to appear in the epic poem, Beowulf. As a […]

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Literature’s Greatest Detectives

Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot aren’t the only great detectives in literature! Here are four fascinating detectives who solve crimes in different ways and different circumstances. Chief Inspector Chen Cao Source: Inspector Chen of the Shanghai Police Department is the hero of Qiu Xiaolong’s numerous mystery novels. The novels are set in 1990s China, […]

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