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Longest-Awaited Book Sequels

It’s June, and that means that after 14 long years, The Incredibles 2 will finally be out! Hollywood has a tendency of prolonging periods between sequels. (e.g. Jurassic Park III and Jurassic World: 13 years, Rocky V and Rocky Balboa: 16 years.) But movies aren’t the only things guilty of that; authors do that too — […]

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The Sassiest Authors Ever

Attention readers! Today, we bring to you the sassiest authors ever! Who doesn’t love an author who has the courage to ‘stick it to the man’ and pens down their frustrations with a good dose of cruel irony? Here are three sassy authors we adore and some of their books we recommend!  Books by these […]

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Book Review: “What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours”

The votes are in! And you have chosen Helen Oyeyemi’s What is Not Yours is Not Yours for us to review. We’re going to stir things up a little by providing you with a REAL review, and a FAKE review. Can you guess which is which? 😉

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A Selection of Local Poetry: Reflecting on Where We Came From

What does it mean to live or grow up in Singapore? We have selected 3 excerpts from local poetry that reflect who we are and where we are now. Maybe you can relate to one of them!

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If you google “Singapore Scenery”, you’ll get a bunch of images of touristy places in Singapore. Which are basically all just buildings. Okay, and maybe some trees. Specifically these trees.

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