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Literature’s Scariest Monsters

Horror movies get all the attention during Halloween season, but literature has its fair share of nightmarish monsters too. Here are five terrifying creatures that will make your skin crawl and haunt you for weeks.   1. Grendel from Beowulf Source: Meet the first monster to appear in the epic poem, Beowulf. As a […]

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Short, Inspirational Chinese Novels by You Jin

If you studied Mandarin in Singapore, it’s likely that you’ve come across at least one of 尤今 (You Jin’s) novels, short stories, travelogues or essays. She is an important and influential local writer, having published over 150 Chinese books internationally. Source: Her writing is well-loved as it often consists of short, beautiful reflections of […]

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Netflix Shows Based On Books

Netflix and chill may be perfect after a long day, but so is curling up with a good book! Comparisons are often made between books and their TV adaptations, and in our completely unbiased 😉 opinion, we always prefer the depth, intimacy and stimulation of a good read. What about you? Here are some popular […]

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Singapore’s Award-Winning Poets

Singapore has a wonderful poetry scene with numerous talented writers. Today, we’ll talk about three books by three award-winning poets: Tania de Rozario, Cyril Wong and Desmond Kon.   Tender Delirium by Tania De Rozario Source: We’ll kick off with the fire and wit of Tania De Rozario, who has gifted us with Tender […]

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Longest-Awaited Book Sequels

It’s June, and that means that after 14 long years, The Incredibles 2 will finally be out! Hollywood has a tendency of prolonging periods between sequels. (e.g. Jurassic Park III and Jurassic World: 13 years, Rocky V and Rocky Balboa: 16 years.) But movies aren’t the only things guilty of that; authors do that too — […]

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