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Adventure Into Retirement With These Characters

Retirement brings to mind the idea that the golden days are over. But to these fictional characters, retirement means the beginning of another exciting adventure. Here are three of them who make us feel young again. Martha Anderson from The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules Source: Spunky 79-year-old Martha wants to […]

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Raffles’ Closest Relationships

We are used to looking to books or Hollywood movies for romance. But did you know that one of our historical figures also had a romantic side to him? Raffles was not only a sweet and loving husband, but also a caring and devoted son. Take a look at a different side of Raffles in […]

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Tales to Read to Your Kids this Chinese New Year

It’s Chinese New Year and excitement is in the air, but how much do you and your kids know about Chinese culture? Learn all about Chinese myths and festivities with these three entertaining books — perfect for story time or bedtime reading with the kids! As a bonus, they’re all available as eBooks on the […]

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Tamil Titles to Motivate You

Struggled to get through the week? We spend most of our time at work or school and the challenges can really drain our energy. Here are three motivational Tamil books to help overcome these challenges and improve our lives. 1. வேலைக்கு போகாதீர்கள் ! எந்த வேலையையும் இனிமையாக்கும் மந்திர புத்தகம் (Do not go to work! The magic […]

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Secret Collections: Why I love John Grisham

In Secret Collections, we talk to everyday Singaporeans with a slight obsession for books 😉.  Today, we will be interviewing Cherie, your local John Grisham fan. Check out her collection!  1. Hi Cherie, tell us a little about yourself. I’m a 33-year-old marketing professional who loves intellectual conversations (and arguments), reading, Netflix marathons and drinking […]

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