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Secret Collection: My Manga Collection

We’re back with our Secret Collections series, where we talk to everyday Singaporeans with a slight obsession for books 🤓. Today, we’ll be interviewing Huiqi, a self-professed bookworm—80% of her time not working, sleeping or eating is spent on reading. She is an ardent manga fan with an impressively wide collection of manga. Check it […]

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7 Picture Books For Adults

Ever read to a child and wished your books were as beautiful as theirs? Well, we are here to prove that gorgeous picture books aren’t always for kids. Here are seven selections full of wit and inspiration for you!   1. Start Where You Are by Meera Lee Patel   Source: This book is the […]

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3 Great Artists, 3 Must-Read Biographies

You don’t need to know about artists to appreciate their work. It can be fascinating to learn more about them, because they are people who look at the world in a different way. Naturally, they have interesting stories of their own, so here are 3 great artists, and 3 must-read biographies! Source:   Artist: […]

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