The Public Libraries Singapore (PLS) provides a professional and engaging public library service to Singaporeans in their pursuit of lifelong learning and discovery through the network of 26 Public Libraries (including three regional libraries) located conveniently across Singapore. Visit us here and join our community here.

Kindly observe the Code of Conduct at our libraries:

This is our library where we read and learn together.
Libraries are public and shared spaces.
Share seats, power points and library materials with others.
Sleep at home, not in the library.
Do not bring in food or drinks, except for plain water.
Please treat everyone with courtesy and respect.
We will take action against any harassment of our staff or library patrons.
Take care of your own belongings.
We may remove unattended items.
Libraries are quiet spaces.
Speak softly at all times.
Use your phone outside the library.
Put electronic devices on silent mode.


Public disturbances will not be tolerated.


Thank you for your cooperation.