04 Aug

5 Things You Should Bring for Studying at The Library

Studying at the library can be fun if you’ve got the essentials with you! Here are some of the items you shouldn’t leave at home! (p.s: don’t forget your study materials!)


(source: http://bit.ly/2qmNKhP)

1.    Jacket/Hoodie

This is probably the most important item that you should bring if you are planning to study in the library for a few hours. With the unpredictable weather looming in Singapore, you may never know when it is going to get colder.


2.    Portable Charger

Better to be safe than sorry!  You’ll never know how long you might be outside for, and since we always want to remain contactable via our mobile devices, never forget to bring a portable charger.


3.    Money

With cafes in the library, it makes studying an enjoyable process. You get to chow down on food, and drink all the coffee/tea you will need to stay focused on your notes. Plus, you’d never know when some cash might come in handy!


4.    Headphones

If you are the type who cannot study without music, headphones are a must! You wouldn’t want to distract others with music blasting from your devices. Enjoy your music, while still being considerate 🙂


5.    Library Card

The library is definitely way more fun when you have a library card. Think of all the books you could borrow, within your membership limits of course. Borrow you favourite reads, or even study materials. You’ll never know what you can find at the library!


These are the top five things that should be in your to-bring list. Do you have any other items that you think are necessary too? Let us know